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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and there is so much to do! Make dinner reservations, book spa appointments, plan the perfect date night outfit and kick-up your beauty routine. For the last task, I turned to Beauty Babe by Sabrina.

Sabrina's Headshot[4]Sabrina is a leading makeup artist and eyebrow extraordinaire in Chicago. Her professional career took off in 1998 at the well-known Chicago-based salon, Kiva, and after six years, Sabrina took her dedication and will to learn more about the industry by traveling throughout Europe in 2004. After gaining experience in advanced techniques and tending to hundreds of entertainment clients while abroad, her return to Chicago in 2005 led her to being noted as one of the leading makeup artists in the Windy City.

Inspiration for Sabrina’s work usually comes from speaking with the person she’s working on and getting to know them. “I use this as a reference for what I should do and how I see them. Their guidance helps me bring out their natural beauty and radiance.”

Seeing how experienced and established Sabrina is, you can imagine how thrilled I was when she invited me into Agnes O. Salon to glam me up for an event last week. The star treatment started off with a blowout by April of Agnes O. Salon, who used 3-inch round brushes for maximum volume:

IMG_4881This is something I’ve been doing at home for years, but it’s always nice when you can sit back and relax while someone else does all the heavy lifting.

Fabulous blowout…

IMG_4882Check! I was ready to complete my look with Sabrina’s expert makeup application.

Sabrina has her own line of products called Beauty Babe Cosmetics, which are mineral based with silicone for extra long wear. “The highest standards of pigments and ingredients go into my products, with a wonderful selection picked by yours truly…” Her products are also paraben free, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and fragrance free.

Starting with my eyes…received_10153009918289120 eyesSabrina gave me a beautiful doe-eye look using her ‘lash intense curling mascara,’ which allows her to apply the mascara without needing to curl them first. I love this because sometimes I feel like I’m pulling my lashes out when I curl them. And the mascara really does curl well enough on its own to not need a curler!

…and brows…

IMG_4886The ‘brow fixx tint and shaper’ is a gel that, you guessed it, tints and shapes your brows! I am one of the only people I know who likes to make their brows look lighter, but still full, so the ‘fair blonde’ shade she used on me was perfect.

Next, she flawlessly contoured and highlighted my face…

received_10153009918294120 faceThis is one of my favorite things that Sabrina does when applying makeup (and she does it really well, ladies). You can see in the photo above (even though it’s a little pixalated from being cropped and blown up…sorry!) that my skin is glowing and my cheeks are popping, but there aren’t any hard lines. It all blends together.

I asked Sabrina to share her secret to achieving this look at home, and here are her top three tips for highlighting and contouring:

  1. Contain your urge to go overboard… Contouring and highlighting is wonderful, but make sure you have a soft touch. You aren’t supposed to see hard lines… leave that to the mannequins.
  2. Select a contour/highlight color that is about 2 to 3 shades deeper/lighter respectively than your natural shade… For contouring, accentuate with warmer shades to bring out a glow rather than cooler shades, which can make a person look chalky. For highlighting, choose a product with shimmer to bring a glow to your look, if you have clear skin. If you have blemishes, stick with a matte finish to ensure you do not draw more attention to the problem area.
  3. Blend, blend and blend some more… You can always add a touch more but blending in your contour will make you look radiant and svelte. You don’t want anyone noticing your contour lines, you want them to see how effortlessly chic your skin is.

Finishing off with kissable lips…

received_10153009918289120_lipsLast, and certainly not least, Sabrina applied her ‘nearly nude’ lip gloss to finish the look! If you watched the Golden Globes Sunday night, you know that nude lips were ALL over the red carpet! This is a look I have always loved and am so glad to see that it is big again.

IMG_5005_lip gloss


The final look…

received_10153009918289120 crop

I felt beautiful and confident for my event! Thank you for pampering me, Sabrina!

GIVEAWAY: Beauty Babe by Sabrina is offering a free expert makeup application (from Beauty Babe by Sabrina) + blowout (from April of Agnes O.) for one lucky Chicago CatWalk reader to get glammified for Valentine’s Day! Find out how you can enter and learn more about the giveaway here!

You can find Beauty Babe exclusively at Agnes O. Salon on 21 W. Elm St. in Chicago. To learn more about Sabrina, and to book her services for your next special event, visit her website or contact her at You can also like Beauty Babe by Sabrina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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